At Kingdom Firewood we know the importance of having a reliable source of quality firewood in the summer months as well as the winter months. That is why we stock our kiln dried hardwood logs, kindling, firelighters and briquettes all year long.

There are lots of reasons why people may need to buy quality firewood in the warmer months as well as the cold depths of winter. If you live in an old farmhouse like us then you will be well aware that your house gets cold in the evenings, even in the summer time. Oil central heating is a very expensive way to warm your home and sometimes in the summer months you just need a touch of warmth to take the chill out. We have found that lighting our log burning stove in the evenings during the summer months produces more than enough heat to warm our home and keep the dreaded chills away. It’s also incredibly relaxing sitting by the fire in the evening, radiators just can’t compete!

During the summer months we all tend to spend more time outdoors enjoying the sunshine and our gardens. Our kiln dried hardwood logs are perfect for using in open fire pits as they light easily and do not spit unlike seasoned logs. The reason that our logs do not spit or spark is because they have a very low moisture content, averagely 15%. When you find logs are spitting it is the sap and water moisture that is escaping from the logs. Our hot blox and hotties are also fantastic choices for outdoor fire pits as they have even less moisture than our logs.

We have several customers who are lucky enough to have BBQ huts in their gardens. These little gems are fantastic places for relaxing in during the summer and winter months. Our kiln dried logs are great for using in BBQ huts as they are considered to be a smokeless fuel so they don’t produce much smoke, just enough to flavour whatever you are cooking on your bbq!

Our firelighters are a great choice for lighting your summer bbqs and fire pits. They are natural wood wool, dipped in wax and do not contain any nasty chemicals. This means that they are safe for using near food. They work wonderfully with our kiln dried kindling chunks.

To order your delivery of firewood please call: 07402882556 or you can message us on Facebook or Instagram.

For Orders: Please Call: 07402 882 556 or contact us

  • Great service , prompt delivery, small enough van to get right up our gravel drive to drop the wood off. Callum even dragged the bag into our garage for me! Highly recommend!Heather - January 2019
  • Absolutely fantastic, ordered from Australia to ensure my brothers fire was welcoming on my arrival Xmas eve!! Can't recommend them highly enough!Gail - December 2018
  • Fantastic quick service and great wood too. We've had 2 bags since before Christmas and just now need to order our 3rd. This is our only form of heating as we don't have central heating.Diane - February 2018
  • Great quality wood, high heat output, great service and very friendly.Mark - January 2019
  • Placed our first order today and promptly received delivery today too. Really pleasant and chatty and very accommodating to where the logs needed to go. The logs are a good size and burn well with a good heat output too. Definitely will order again when supply is running low!Sharon - February 2018
  • We wanted to try a local business instead of an online supplier and we have not been disappointed! The level of service that we received from the initial phone call to delivery was fantastic. Our wood store is at the back of our house, down a narrow gravelled lane which was not a problem and made stacking the logs a lot easier. Thank you Kingdom Firewood we will be back!Mike - February 2019
  • Superb service, swift and accurate delivery, great communication and brilliant wood! First class service. Highly recommended.Nick - September 2019
  • Kingdom Firewood are fantastic, they have the best kiln dried hardwood logs in the area, deliver right to your door with no trouble at all, I have used them a few times now, would definitely recommend!Natalie - October 2019
  • My Christmas tree has just been delivered by Kingdom Firewood, looks fantastic! I'm very happy with it. Delivered and installed efficiently by the boys at Kingdom. Can't wait to get started with the decorating!Nicky - December 2019