When will I get my delivery if I place an order today?

We aim to deliver your logs within 3-4 working days during the low season (April - August) and within 7 working days during the peak season (September - March). We can get deliveries out the next day if a customer is legitimately in desperate need of their logs, however, we ask that our customers try to order their logs at least 1 week in advance of running out as we are a small business and currently only have 1 delivery truck.

Where will my firewood delivery be left?

We usually leave your logs on your driveway or on the pavement outside your house. Our delivery truck is a small flatbed truck which means it can access most people’s driveways. Your logs can usually be dropped right beside your garage if you plan to store them in there. Our delivery driver can help you to move the bags slightly when they have been unloaded but please be aware that the bags are very, very heavy so can only be dragged a short distance i.e 2-3 metres. We offer a stacking service where we will stack your logs away in your log store for you at an additional cost of £10 per bag.

Are the logs tipped or do you leave them in the bag?

We deliver our logs in the bag. Our delivery truck has a small, 1 metre, crane arm which lowers the bags to the ground. We can tip the logs out the bag if preferred.

Can you stack the logs away in my log store?

Yes we offer a stacking service which is £10 per bag. This means that we will empty the bag of logs and stack them in your log store for you.

Do you deliver at weekends?

No, we only deliver Monday – Friday. We made this decision as we are a small family business and our weekends are spent with our 2 young children.

Do I need to be home to get a delivery?

No. The majority of our customers are not home when we deliver their firewood. Please advise us of the best place to leave the logs when you order if you are not going to be home.

How much does delivery cost?

We base our delivery charges on the time it takes us to get to your postcode from our postcode and we use Google Maps related software to calculate this. The first 20 minutes is free, and this covers areas such as Glenrothes, Markinch, Cupar, Falkland. We charge £5 for 20-25 minutes and then we charge a further £2.50 for each 5 minutes. For example Dunfermline Bus Station is 39 minutes from our postcode KY15 7TS. The first 20 minutes are free, 20-25 is £5, 25-30 is £2.5, 30-35 is £2.50 and 35-40 is £2.50 which gives a delivery total of £12.50.

What if it’s raining when I get my delivery?

We are happy to put a tarpaulin or previous bag on the logs if you leave one for us. However, given that the logs are premium kiln dried a day’s worth of rain is not going to affect the quality of your logs too much. It will just be the top layer of logs that gets wet and the water will only penetrate the outer part of the logs.

Our Firewood

What is kiln dried?

Kiln dried firewood is wood that has been dried quickly in a kiln. All our wood has been dried in wood fired kilns making the logs premium kiln dried and with an average moisture content of 15%.

What moisture content are your logs?

Our logs have an average moisture content of 15% meaning the are very dry and ready to burn.

What length are your logs?

All our logs are cut to 9 inches in length, or 24cm. This means that they fit in all fires and wood burning stoves.

Why do you only sell hardwood and not softwood logs?

We only sell hardwood logs as they have a longer burn time than soft wood logs. Softwood that has been kiln dried burns far too quickly and you would use a lot of logs each time you wanted to use your wood burner. In comparison hardwoods such as Oak or Ash are much denser than softwoods and burn for a much longer amount of time.

What types of hardwoods are in your bags?

All our bags of firewood contain mixed species British hardwoods. These include Oak, Ash, Sycamore, Cherry, Beech and Birch.

Why do you only stock British hardwoods? Why not use imported wood?

We made the decision to only use hardwood from sustainably managed British forests for several reasons; Buying and selling British wood generates money for our country’s economy and not that of another country. The carbon footprint of the wood is greatly reduced if it is grown here in the UK and not shipped in from Eastern Europe. Most imported wood is silver birch and we wanted to give our customers a mixture of different hardwoods to burn in their wood burning stoves.

How long will the dumpy bag last for?

This is a question that we are often asked, and the answer is quite complicated. It really depends on how often you plan to use your fire, what type of fire you have and how big it is. If you only plan to use your stove in the evenings, then a dumpy bag will last you around 6-8 weeks. If you use your stove every evening and all day at the weekend then it will last you around 4-6 weeks but this is all very variable. The dumpy bags contain the equivalent of around 24 net bags that you will find at other firewood suppliers.

Why is kiln dried wood more expensive than seasoned wood?

Kiln dried wood is the best firewood that you can get. Whether it is for use in an open fire, a stove or a firepit, kiln dried wood is considered to be the best. It gives a higher heat output than seasoned wood because it has a lower moisture content meaning all the energy used produces heat instead of having to burn off moisture. Kiln dried wood helps to keep your stove appliance clean as less soot and tar is produced in the burning process compared to seasoned wood.


How do I pay for my firewood delivery?

The easiest and most convenient way to pay for your firewood is by using our online ordering and payment system. This is a totally secure system powered by SagePay and WorldPay. All major credit and debit cards are accepted. You can also pay for your firewood with cash on delivery or by BACS. If you would prefer to pay cash or via BACS then please call 07402882556 or email

Can I pay over the phone?

No, we cannot take over the phone card payments.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we accept credit cards.

Can I get a VAT receipt?

Yes, you will automatically be sent a receipt with the VAT shown if you pay by card or we can email you a separate receipt if you prefer to pay by cash or BACS.


How do I place an order?

There are several ways to place an order with Kingdom Firewood. The easiest way is by ordering online using our online ordering and payment system. If you would prefer to pay cash on delivery or by BACS you can call or text: 07402882556. You can email: or you can message us on Facebook or Instagram.

How can I track my order?

We aim to deliver your logs within 3-4 working days during the low season (April - August) and within 7 working days during the peak season (September - March) We will advise you what day we are delivering your logs when you place your order. If you would like to know if the driver is on the way etc then we are happy for you to give us a call or drop us a message and we will get back to you as quick as we can.

Customer loyalty programme

What is the customer loyalty programme?

We wanted to say thank you to our wonderful customers and that is why we started our customer loyalty programme. We offer our customers a £15 discount on their 6th dumpy bag of logs and a free bag of kiln dried hardwood kindling after they have bought 5 dumpy bags from us. There are no time restrictions.

How do I claim the £15 discount and free bag of kindling?

You don’t need to do anything. We can see from our records how many dumpy bags of logs you have ordered, and we automatically discount £15 from your 6th bag and send a free bag of kindling with your order.

How many times can I get the £15 discount and free bag of kindling?

There are no restrictions on how often you can claim the £15 discount and free bag of kindling. If you use 24 dumpy bags of firewood per year you will be entitled to the £15 off offer 4 times.

Tree Surgery

What services do you offer?

Treeworks Fife offer a variety of tree and garden related services. Our fully trained professionals can assist you with tree felling, tree pruning, removal of dangerous trees, chipping, hedge cutting, garden maintenance, garden clearances, grass cutting.

What areas do you cover?

We are based in Kingskettle and cover the whole of Fife. We can also service the surrounding areas, such as parts of Kinross and Tayside.

How much does it cost to remove a tree?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on lots of factors, such as how big the tree is, what condition the tree is in, where the tree is located etc. We offer free, no obligation quotes so you know exactly how much you will be expected to pay in advance.

Are you fully qualified and insured?

Yes, all our workers are fully qualified NTPC trained tree surgeons. We are happy to produce our certificates if required. We also hold up to date public liability insurance.

Do you cover small garden jobs?

Yes, we are happy to undertake all types of tree and garden work. We offer garden maintenance services as well as larger tree surgery services.

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  • Absolutely fantastic, ordered from Australia to ensure my brothers fire was welcoming on my arrival Xmas eve!! Can't recommend them highly enough!Gail - December 2018
  • Fantastic quick service and great wood too. We've had 2 bags since before Christmas and just now need to order our 3rd. This is our only form of heating as we don't have central heating.Diane - February 2018
  • Great quality wood, high heat output, great service and very friendly.Mark - January 2019
  • Placed our first order today and promptly received delivery today too. Really pleasant and chatty and very accommodating to where the logs needed to go. The logs are a good size and burn well with a good heat output too. Definitely will order again when supply is running low!Sharon - February 2018
  • We wanted to try a local business instead of an online supplier and we have not been disappointed! The level of service that we received from the initial phone call to delivery was fantastic. Our wood store is at the back of our house, down a narrow gravelled lane which was not a problem and made stacking the logs a lot easier. Thank you Kingdom Firewood we will be back!Mike - February 2019