• Buy 12 for £69
  • Buy 24 for £120
  • 10 HempLogz per pack – 9kg
  • Grown and made in the UK
  • 100% Hemp waste fibres
  • Highly sustainable product
  • Guaranteed moisture content below 10%
  • More compact than traditional logs, easier to store indoors
  • Clean burn – no sparks or spitting
  • High heat output and long burn time
  • To pay cash on delivery or to pay via BACS please call 07402882556

HempLogz are a great alternative to traditional firewood. They are particularly  good if you are short of space and need to store your fuel source indoors. HempLogz are a highly sustainable product as Hemp crops grow in a matter of months.

HempLogz are made from 100% hemp waste fibres. The hemp is grown and harvested in the UK on the same farm that makes the HempLogz. No glue or fillers are added which makes them  safe for use in log burning stoves and open fires. Similarly, to kiln dried hardwood logs, HempLogz produce a high heat output and a beautiful dancing flame. They have a burn time very similar to kiln dried hardwood and produce no smell burning. They smell very faintly of hay/straw if you choose to sniff them very closely in the packet.

Kingdom Firewood will deliver individual 9kg packs of HempLogz as an additional item when ordering our premium kiln dried hardwood logs for £5.90 per pack. HempLogz are usually delivered 12×10 packs for £69 or 24×10 packs for £120. Please be advised that HempLogz need to be stored somewhere dry.

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  • Great service , prompt delivery, small enough van to get right up our gravel drive to drop the wood off. Callum even dragged the bag into our garage for me! Highly recommend!Heather - January 2019
  • Absolutely fantastic, ordered from Australia to ensure my brothers fire was welcoming on my arrival Xmas eve!! Can't recommend them highly enough!Gail - December 2018
  • Fantastic quick service and great wood too. We've had 2 bags since before Christmas and just now need to order our 3rd. This is our only form of heating as we don't have central heating.Diane - February 2018
  • Great quality wood, high heat output, great service and very friendly.Mark - January 2019
  • Placed our first order today and promptly received delivery today too. Really pleasant and chatty and very accommodating to where the logs needed to go. The logs are a good size and burn well with a good heat output too. Definitely will order again when supply is running low!Sharon - February 2018
  • We wanted to try a local business instead of an online supplier and we have not been disappointed! The level of service that we received from the initial phone call to delivery was fantastic. Our wood store is at the back of our house, down a narrow gravelled lane which was not a problem and made stacking the logs a lot easier. Thank you Kingdom Firewood we will be back!Mike - February 2019